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Gift A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity and reunite siblings separated in foster care at Disney Days! 70% of kids are separated from their siblings, give them childhood moments.

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Hey, What Are Disney Days?

For the past decade we've created magical moments for thousands of siblings during the Disney Days reunification event. Currently, 70% of children in foster care are in placements separate from their siblings. We started Disney Days because we believe that siblings in foster care belong together.

Help Create Lasting Memories

Donate to Disney Days Specific Needs

Choose to sponsor and support siblings by donating to ice cream, churros, souvenirs, tickets, transportation, and more.

Start a Disney Days Fundraiser

Disney Days fundraisers not only support the event directly, but they also help others learn about the needs within foster care.

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Join Us in Making a Day They Will Never Forget

Spend a day at the happiest place on Earth, discover how you can become a Disney Days volunteer.


Urgent Need To Support Siblings In Foster Care

When you look at the stats, children in foster care face an uphill battle ALONE. Here are some of the realities siblings in foster care experience.

2 Min.

Every 2 minutes a child enters the foster care system


Up to 85% of children in foster care have a sibling in care

50 %

of foster youth have a sibling they hope to be adopted with


of children in foster care have a sibling who has been a constant presence in their lives

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